My name is Toms and the idea of these adventures was born in my heart.

For several years I have been a passionate cyclist and have done cycling adventures both in Latvia and abroad. And even though our highest mountain is just 312 meters high (Gaiziņš), the largest lake is Lubāns, summer is only three months long, there is nothing like the unique scent of our forests, winding roads of Vidzeme Plateau, short, yet steep hills in Sabile, peaceful seashore villages of the Livons. When I experience all this, I feel the urge to share these feelings with others, both Latvians and cycling enthusiasts from other countries.

And flavors, flavors …! I wanted to be a cook once and though it didn’t happen, my passion for real, simple, delightful and fine food has spread throughout my whole life. Traveling in search of new cycling challenges has given me the opportunity to discover wonderful Latvian pearls, not only in the form of breathtaking views, but also as lovely, pasionate and traditional Latvian home-cooks.

That’s how the whole story of “Cycling Adventures” began – through my love for Latvia’s nature and food, and of course, cycling. So, whether you are an experienced cyclist or don’t even own a bike, join me in this enchanting journey!