What it's about

Adventure for 2 days (1 night), Distance: 120 km (75 miles). From the Lake of Usma to Pāvilosta, the route includes exploring the wilderness of natural forests, spending the night in Kuldīga 160(Goldingen), traveling to the Ēdole Castle and tasting smoked fish in Pāvilosta / slightly asphalted, mostly roads of gravel and forest trails, paths.

Price for a group of 6 people




110 km


12 hours


250 meters


The adventure includes

High-quality MTB bikes adapted to your needs, abilities and the specific route
A guide, capable and trained to perform technical and medical assistance
Transportation to and from the place of the adventure, also during adventure if necessary
Full safety equipment – properly equipped bike, helmet, light-reflecting elements, flashlights
Drinking water throughout the adventure and a light, but energizing lunch during the ride
Optional – dinner of traditional Latvian food and drinks

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